Aiysha Jebali 

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Videos and reels

Aiysha Jebali's 2015 acting showreel.
Mixed race actress, with a diverse range of looks and playing ages.

Experienced in screen and theatre acting.
Dance training in hip hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, belly-dance, tribal North-African dance and dancehall (popularly known as twerking).

6 years of martial arts training with experience in on-screen fighting. 
Trained in Level 1 stunts with Tim Storms (Spiderman 2) and Terence Rotolo (Power Rangers).
Acting tuition from director Katt Shea (Poison Ivy, 1992).

This video by Aiysha Jebali won 1st place in the Acting Challenge, commencing 20th August 2015.

The script was written by Brad Markowitz, writer of CSI and F.B.Eye.

All actors had to perform the same lines and the prize was a meeting with Corbin Bronson, casting director from Bronson and Barnes.


From a script by D.M Larson, Aiysha Jebali performs 'Dear God...'.
This is a light-hearted comical monologue with undertones of vulnerability.
Meet Billy Graham, an adult with a rather child-like perception of things. She has been visited by a fallen angel who has charged her with the task of writing an informative letter to God.


Former international Tang Soo Do silver trophy winner, with additional experience in Kick Boxing, MMA and more recently, Karate.

Her experience totals to just over 6 years. These are some test fights and training sessions. This by no means represents Aiysha's full fighting skillset, so please inquire if you would like to use her skills in one of your films.